2019 Defense and Passing Camp I
July 10, 2019
General Information

Defense Camp is designed for aspiring and current liberos or 6 rotation players. Players of any age and any skill set are welcome. This position specific camp is designed to improve your volleyball passing and defense technique. This includes forearm passing, overhead passing, digging, run-throughs, and safe floor moves. Our coach to camper ratio is 1:8. An athletic trainer will be present during camp. Please refer to the “Camp FAQ” sections of our website for more information to prepare for camp.

*** Due to high demand, we will offer a second session on the following day. In this position specific training camp, we feel that it is valuable for our campers to experience two days of repetitions in their desired position. A discounted price is offered for players attending both sessions -- please look on the homepage for the camp Libero Camp I & II Bundle ***

*** If signing up for both sessions, please only sign up in the “Defense and Passing Camp I & II Bundle" Camp. Thank you! ***

Defense Camp I Camp Check-In / Out
7/10 Check-in @ 5:00 pm in Jake Nevin Field House. Camp starts at 5:30 pm.
7/10 Check-out @ 8:30 pm in Jake Nevin Field House. An adult must check-out campers at the end of camp.


Jake Nevin Field House

2019 Defense and Passing Camp I
Gender: CoEd   |  
July 10, 2019 | Villanova, Pennsylvania

Wed, July 10, 2019

800 E Lancaster Ave
Villanova, Pennsylvania 19085